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Lyrical Revelry

Lead Vocals; GRACE
Guitar; BEN
Drums; **REUBEN
Keyboards/Piano; JOHN

song's we've covered

`Since you've been gone, Kelly Clarkson
`Behind these hazel eyes, Kelly Clarkson
`Walk away, Kelly Clarkson
`Ultimate, Lindsay Lohan
`Whisper, Evanescense
`Tourniquet, Evanescense
`Everybody's fool, Evanescense
`Going under, Evenescense
`Obsession, Lyrical Revelry
`Sleepers, Saosin
`Time is running out, Muse
`Feeling good, Muse
`Hysteria, Muse
`Hyper Music, Muse
`Sunday Morning, Maroon 5
`I will survive, cake

SONGLIST(3rd June):
time is running out
I will survive
Feeling good
sunday morning

Message for the band:
**ben suggests 2 songs from the red jumpsuit appartus
and i would love to do going under and more saosin after sunday's session

feel free to comment on:
song recommendations,
genre recommendations/change,
band enquires &
our blog (:
All comments are greatly appreciated! (:

speak your mind.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

people people, remember that there's a jamming session tomorrow at 5PM.

DANIEL, please do not call in last minute and tell me that you can't make it. last week enough already!

so yup, song list will be the same as last week's

MUSE session + our own original!