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Lyrical Revelry

Lead Vocals; GRACE
Guitar; BEN
Drums; **REUBEN
Keyboards/Piano; JOHN

song's we've covered

`Since you've been gone, Kelly Clarkson
`Behind these hazel eyes, Kelly Clarkson
`Walk away, Kelly Clarkson
`Ultimate, Lindsay Lohan
`Whisper, Evanescense
`Tourniquet, Evanescense
`Everybody's fool, Evanescense
`Going under, Evenescense
`Obsession, Lyrical Revelry
`Sleepers, Saosin
`Time is running out, Muse
`Feeling good, Muse
`Hysteria, Muse
`Hyper Music, Muse
`Sunday Morning, Maroon 5
`I will survive, cake

SONGLIST(3rd June):
time is running out
I will survive
Feeling good
sunday morning

Message for the band:
**ben suggests 2 songs from the red jumpsuit appartus
and i would love to do going under and more saosin after sunday's session

feel free to comment on:
song recommendations,
genre recommendations/change,
band enquires &
our blog (:
All comments are greatly appreciated! (:

speak your mind.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jamming's this sunday 5-7pm , new studio (:

Anyway, Lyrical Revelry is probably gonna be called something else in future.


Never again - Kelly Clarkson
Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson
Hyper Music - Muse
False Pretense - Red Jumpsuit
Harder to breathe - Maroon 5
Sunday Morning - Maroon 5