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Lyrical Revelry

Lead Vocals; GRACE
Guitar; BEN
Drums; **REUBEN
Keyboards/Piano; JOHN

song's we've covered

`Since you've been gone, Kelly Clarkson
`Behind these hazel eyes, Kelly Clarkson
`Walk away, Kelly Clarkson
`Ultimate, Lindsay Lohan
`Whisper, Evanescense
`Tourniquet, Evanescense
`Everybody's fool, Evanescense
`Going under, Evenescense
`Obsession, Lyrical Revelry
`Sleepers, Saosin
`Time is running out, Muse
`Feeling good, Muse
`Hysteria, Muse
`Hyper Music, Muse
`Sunday Morning, Maroon 5
`I will survive, cake

SONGLIST(3rd June):
time is running out
I will survive
Feeling good
sunday morning

Message for the band:
**ben suggests 2 songs from the red jumpsuit appartus
and i would love to do going under and more saosin after sunday's session

feel free to comment on:
song recommendations,
genre recommendations/change,
band enquires &
our blog (:
All comments are greatly appreciated! (:

speak your mind.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jamming's this sunday 5-7pm , new studio (:

Anyway, Lyrical Revelry is probably gonna be called something else in future.


Never again - Kelly Clarkson
Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson
Hyper Music - Muse
False Pretense - Red Jumpsuit
Harder to breathe - Maroon 5
Sunday Morning - Maroon 5

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


pls contact me a.s.a.p, daniel's free on thurs to jam from 6.30-7.30
will update the song list once everything is confirmed.


Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today's jamming was alright for me

i enjoyed sunday morning, feeling good , time is running out and hysteria the most :)


Ben, Nicole, Dan: you all need to work on your co-ordination for the endings of the songs!, i think we spent quite alot of time just to co-ordinate the last part of the songs we've covered today.

John: i like your "Sunday Morning" solo, and the rest were good as well, do try to learn the other songs. keyboard fill-ins will definitely make the song sound nicer

i'll probably rate this session 6.5/10?

okay okay, after watching the video John recorded. hmm, Hysteria lack the CRUNCH and PUNCH, we have to work on that really, and i need to watch my pitch! haha. plus, john please learn HYSTERIA for kbs!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jamming on wed was at John's place without Nicole cos apparently she was down with fever.

yup, so anyway, it was quite okay cos we managed to hear how the songs sounded before hand.

enjoyed sunday morning the most! haha, feeling good was alright but i think improvisation can be made.

daniel! you finally learnt the original speed of hysteria, and yes you learnt uno as well

ben, as usual really good :)

p.s. John , pleaseeeeee remember the last part of sunday morning lol

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Song list once again people to reconfirm though jamming is tomorrow :

1) time is running out - muse
2) feeling good - muse
3) shiver - maroon 5
4) sunday morning - maroon 5
5) uno - muse
6) plug in baby - muse
7) hysteria - muse

yupyup, that's about it :)
see you people tomorrow !


Sunday, May 20, 2007

hello people

jamming this wednesday from 6 - 8PM, with our new member ,John joining us :)

okay anyway,

here's the song list:

Feeling Good (once again with keyboard)
Time is running out ( with keyboard :) )
Sunday Morning
Sweetest goodbye

for Ben,Dan,Nicole(*optional for John, since he's the new member ..)
Plug in Baby

there's seven songs,
i'll reconfirm if we can do SHIVER (Maroon 5)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

people people, remember that there's a jamming session tomorrow at 5PM.

DANIEL, please do not call in last minute and tell me that you can't make it. last week enough already!

so yup, song list will be the same as last week's

MUSE session + our own original!